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Cell Phone Heat Sink

Heat sink for cooling down an overheating mobile phone.

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CPHS Mobile App

Cell phone heat sink's temperature app

Updated on July 22, 2019

Download size 2.09 MB

Released September 26, 2018

Easy to Use

A great deal of customization is achievable with our heat sinks. It's simple-to-use and easily correctable.

Fully Compatible

Newly improved heat sink for mobile phones

Preventing problems

Does cellular phones radiation cause cancer? electromagnetic energy, thermal heat wave, invisible light, and radio-frequency are all forms of radiation exposure. Our heat sink not only reduce the effects but cools your devices.


There are a lot of other reasons to use our heat sink for mobile phone.

Lean and slim

For some mobile devices, you will need to access the battery to insert heat sink cooling pad.

Contact location

Contact us with any problems with your past purchases: email or phone us directly.

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